Nose Clips - Spirometry D1060-2/Former Part# 2110
Nose Clips - Spirometry D1060-2/Former Part# 2110

200pc Box disposable Spiro nose clips

    Product Code:  D1060-2/Former Part# 2110
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    • Latex free
    • Easy to use nose clip for your Spirometry Testing
    • Reduces air loss through the nasal cavity for accurate readings

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    Spirometrics Filter D1010-2/Former Part #2195

    The single-use PFT filter from Spirometrics helps prevent the risk of the spread of infectious disease while offering accurate results. Use one with every spirometer test.   (2-50 pc boxes totaling 100 pieces)

    New ergonomic design offer a better mouth fit for maximum test accuracy, meeting flow resistance requirements over the entire range of ATS flows from zero to 14 liters/sec.  Latex free.

    Filtration Efficiency:                                 99.9% Bacterial-99.6% Viral   

    Cross Contamination Efficiency: 99.9999% Bacterial -  99.9984% Viral

    D1010 Filter is a direct replacement for: KoKo Moe filters #810000, KoKo filters #819000;          fits all KoKo spirometers (KoKo and KoKo-trek);and V-MAX by Sxusquehanna Micro.  Also fits the Clear Advantage part # CB 1503 (purple) by Creative Biomedics.

    Our Price: US$180.00

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