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For more than 35 years, Spirometrics has been committed to meeting the needs of the respiratory care patient and healthcare professionals by maintaining the highest quality products and service that help improve the overall quality of care.

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Our team of knowledgeable, highly qualified staff are available to provide you with excellent customer service and technical support. We value you our customers and we strive to continually provide 100% customer satisfaction in meeting your healthcare needs.

Peak Flow Meters - SpiroFlow

Measuring and tracking peak expiratory flow provides patients with asthma or other respiratory diseases a way to monitor their condition and help improve their quality of life.  Compact and easy to use, the SpiroFlow Peak Flow meter allows patients to discreetly measure their lung function and know if their symptoms are being controlled.

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Single Use PFT Filters

Spirometrics single-use PFT filters help prevent the risk of the spread of infectious disease while offering accurate results.  Our PFT filters are latex free and have high filtration and cross contamination efficiencies.

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Calibration Syringe

The 3-liter calibration syringe is an easy and reliable method to assure accurate spirometry results, spirometers and or pulmonary function test equipment should be calibrated on a regular basis to satisfy quality assurance programs.

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PFT Nose Clips and Mouthpieces

Disposable Plastic PFT mouthpieces support pulmonary function testing by preventing leaking air during testing. Spirometrics latex free mouthpieces reduce the risk of cross contamination between patients during pulmonary function tests.

Disposable PFT nose clip prevent patients from inhaling or exhaling through the nose during the pulmonary function test.  The single-use clips are latex free and the spring action design and rubber padding keep the nose clip firmly in place.

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Charts, Paper, Pens

Calibrated charts, paper, and pens are used to record the patient’s pulmonary function testing results, which can be monitored to evaluate the patient’s progress and disease management.

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