Maintenance & Calibration

As your consumables and technical support provider in spirometry, we are committed to meeting your needs in respiratory care. VueTek Scientific’s quest is to maintain the highest levels of quality assurance and safety for you, the healthcare provider, and your patients. It is widely accepted that proper preventative measures can reduce the overall cost of healthcare and improve both the quality and duration of equipment life.

In conformance with ATS Standards for Spirometry Quality Control, VueTek Scientific recommends that your spirometer and calibration syringe undergo routine preventative maintenance. As the manufacturer, we recommend that each spirometer and calibration syringe be serviced annually for recalibration and recertification. This is essential to assure accurate spirometry results, extend the life of your equipment, and reduce liability concerns should you be audited. VueTek Scientific is the only authorized service center certified to service or provide the preventive maintenance care for your Spirometrics Brand equipment. We can assure that not only will the equipment be tested for functionality, but also that test results are accurate.
Should you have any questions or would like to schedule your equipment for preventive maintenance, please contact us at 1-800-767-0004 or


Calibration Syringes

  • Decontaminate, disassemble, evaluate syringe
  • Clean tube
  • Lubricate seal
  • Inspect internal hardware
  • Perform leak test
  • Check calibration accuracy
  • Final QA inspection
  • Prepare and package for shipment

VueTek Scientific also provides calibration services
for non-Spirometrics brand syringes.


  • Decontaminate; disassemble, evaluate unit (all models)
  • Inspect components: diaphragm, chart holder, set belt tension (SMI models)
  • Inspect sensor core, tubing, fittings & connectors (except SMI models)
  • Inspect gaskets, clean pressure ports, test cable (PC Flow, LTE, III, Flow 2 & 5 models)
  • Clean & lubricate pen drive mechanism (SMI models)
  • Test internal battery & electrical systems (except PC Flow)
  • Check disc drive (Flow 2 & 5)
  • Clean printer mechanism (SMI, Flow 2500, FLOW 2 & 5)
  • Set optos, phase shift, duty cycle, set baseline zero (SMI models)
  • Check A/D zero and flow linearity (except SMI models)
  • Test keypad assembly (except PC models)
  • Recalibrate unit (all models)
  • 12 hour burn-in (except PC models)
  • Final QA inspection (all models)
  • Prepare and package for shipment (all models)

Calibration & preventive maintenance are flat rates services, and does not include repairs needed to meet calibration requirements. If repairs are required, we will notify you in advance of making the repairs. VueTek Scientific requests payment by credit card or purchase order at the time the equipment is returned.

We are committed to all of our customers to provide replacement parts, consumables, and service related needs for you and your equipment. We have what we believe to be the best single patient use adult and children’s peak flow meters in the industry. Our 99.9% anti-bacterial, 99.6% anti-viral single patient use filters are the only approved filter for our brand of Spirometers.

We invite you to review our products and conveniently order your Spirometrics products online.